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Check Readers


Magtek Mini MICR

The Magtek Check Reader is the perfect choice for merchants accepting electronic checks. It is a small, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability. The Magtek connects to your credit card machine, enabling you to accept checks from your customers while having the check guaranteed and electronically deposited!

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IVI Checkmate 2500

The Checkmate 2500 reader is incorporated with recognition algorithms and 7-segment display that provides highly-accurate, first-pass reads and detailed bad check information. The modular design allows users to add future options such as check trays for sorting and interface to PC hosts.

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IVI Checkmate 3000

The IVI 3000 is a standalone check scanning device. It does not have the capability to process credit cards, but it makes an excellent addition for any merchant who has an existing credit card terminal, and needs to have the ability to process checks electronically. Expressly Designed to put an End to Check Fraud, the CheckReader 3000 is a comprehensive, fast and simple-to-use check reader.

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RDM EC 6004F

The RDM EC 600 Series provides superior MICR read accuracy, clear images, and includes MICR and bi-directional drives as standard features. The bi-directional drive provides visual confirmation of each check and allows merchants to easily identify fraudulent check writers.

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