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Processing Software


Roam Data

ROAM Data has the mobile commerce know-how to help you attract and retain customers. ROAM lets you harness the power of ROAM Rails to streamline the way business gets conducted between you and your customers. The end result is buying convenience for them, resulting in more purchases, together with the assurance that you always get paid on time, securely.

All Suported Phones


Apriva Pay

You do not have to purchase additional credit card terminals or additional hardware, which can be cost-prohibitive to some small businesses. All point-of-sale credit card transactions occur over a cell phone. AprivaPay is compatible with virtually any cell phone and cell phone service plan.

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PayWare Mobile

A merchant account is required in addition to the iphone, iPhone credit card encryption sleeve, and secure gateway service. Payware mobile is a bit like existing wireless merchant terminal service. You pay a separate fee for the service and the bill appears on your existing merchant statement. However, this service only works with iphone 3g and 3gs, not Blackberry or other models as of this writing. The iphone app is free.

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